Good Delivery

To gain a place on the LPPM Good Delivery Platinum and Palladium Lists requires refiners to meet the highest technical, financial and supply chain responsible sourcing standards.

Good Delivery

The list of acceptable refiners of platinum and palladium plates and ingots in the London market, the “LPPM London / Zurich Good Delivery List”, has been developed and is maintained by the London Platinum and Palladium Market (“the LPPM”) in order to facilitate the international distribution and acceptability of standard plates and ingots produced by those refiners:

  1. who meet all the technical, financial and supply chain responsible sourcing requirements for inclusion in the list; and
  2. whose plates or ingots have passed the testing procedures laid down by the LPPM.

Standard plates or ingots are plates or ingots ranging between 1 kilogram (32.151 troy ounces) and 6 kilograms (192.904 troy ounces). Plates and ingots are listed at the discretion of the Management Committee of the LPPM, which reserves the right to make any investigations that it deems appropriate into an applicant for listing.

An entry on the List relates to a refinery at a specific location. Separate applications are required if an applicant wishes to register plates or ingots produced in refineries situated at different locations.

If a company on the List wishes to change the location of its refinery or the registered marks on its standard plates or ingots then it must inform the LPPM in advance, providing all appropriate details. Similarly, if a company on the List is subject to a substantive change in its ownership or the technology used in refining or if its financial position deteriorates significantly it must inform the LPPM accordingly. The LPPM reserves the right in such circumstances to ask the company to submit a new application.

The Good Delivery List is the copyright of the LPPM. Reproduction and dissemination of the List is permitted only with the express written permission of the LPPM and an acknowledgement of the LPPM’s copyright.