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LPPM's global membership comprises institutions from diverse regions, fostering a dynamic and inclusive network.

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About the LPPM

The London Platinum and Palladium Market is a key institution in the global precious metals market, overseeing the trading of platinum and palladium in London. Established in 1987, the LPPM serves as a pivotal platform for market participants, including banks, refiners, fabricators, and brokers, facilitating transparent and efficient trading practices.

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LPPM membership offers key players in the precious metals industry exclusive access to London's platinum and palladium markets. Member institutions, including banks, refiners, and brokers, actively contribute to the market's transparency and integrity. Being part of this influential network grants members a platform to engage in transparent trading practices, stay informed about market developments, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the global platinum and palladium markets.

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The LPPM provides a valuable repository of historical price data for platinum and palladium, offering insights into market trends and fluctuations over time. This data is crucial for analysts, investors, and market participants to make informed decisions, assess market dynamics, and understand the historical performance of platinum and palladium in the London market.

Latest news / Press Releases

27 March 2024

Newsletter: LPPM Good Delivery Lists

We are pleased to announce that Shenzhen Cuilu Gold Refinery Co., Ltd. has successfully completed all the relevant criteria to be admitted to the LPPM’s Platinum and Palladium Lists of Good Delivery Refiners.

Tags: responsible-sourcing

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15 August 2023

Newsletter: LPPM Good Delivery Lists

Sibanye-Stillwater / Western Platinum (PTY) Ltd., has successfully been admitted to the LPPM’s Palladium List of Good Delivery Refiners.

Tags: responsible-sourcingSponge Accreditation

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26 April 2023

Newsletter - New LPPM Referee Appointment

We are pleased to announce that Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG has been appointed as a referee to the LPPM.

Tags: responsible-sourcingSponge Accreditation

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20 May 2025 - 21 May 2025

Platinum Week 2025


Tuesday, 20th May - venue to be confirmed

Wednesday, 21st May - venue to be confirmed

Members will receive full details after the AGM in February 2025.

Cost per head for non members joining the seminar and cocktail reception is £275.00 plus VAT, if applicable.

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London Platinum and Palladium Market

London has always been an important centre for the metals. Trading was established in the early decades of this century, usually alongside the longer established bullion metals.

In 1973 the London Platinum Quotation was introduced. It was the forerunner of the fixings; a twice-daily indication of the market price for spot platinum, reported by some of the principal companies dealing in the metal. In 1979 the leading London and Zurich dealers reached an agreement to standardise the specifications and provenance of metal which they would accept as good delivery.

In 1987 the informal trading which had taken place for many years on a principal to principal basis was formalised via a Deed of Establishment into the London Platinum and Palladium Market.



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