Rhodium Sponge Accreditation

Current Good Delivery and Sponge Accredited Refiners

Specifications for LPPM Sponge Accreditation and Application Procedures




  1. Introduction


Due to requests from Good Delivery (GD) and Sponge Accredited (SA) refiners the LPPM has introduced a Rhodium Sponge Accreditation list in January 2023. This runs alongside the existing GD and SA lists. All refiners currently on the GD bar and SA lists will be entitled to be added to the Rhodium Sponge Accreditation lists by completing the proactive monitoring processes if they so wish.

Only Refiners currently on either the GD bar lists, or the SA lists can apply for Rhodium sponge accreditation. The process is similar to the full GD bar and SA application processes. These processes will require successful completion prior to the applicant being added to the sponge accreditation list.

The LPPM has produced a set of standards for the accreditation of Rhodium sponges sponge – such accreditation having been requested by multiple major GD Platinum and Palladium primary producers and secondary refiners and deemed very beneficial for the market by the Management Committee.

The objective is to facilitate and streamline the trade in Rhodium sponge and increase the confidence of all market participants when dealing with these materials. 

To maintain their inclusion on the LPPM Sponge Accreditation lists, GD refiners must pass a process very similar to the current GD Proactive Monitoring (PAM) and repeat that every three years. They will be required to provide sponge samples that will be analysed against the LPPM standards, full details are set out in the Sponge Accreditation Rules.

A lot of work was done by the LPPM referees, including round robin analyses of Rhodium sponge samples and analytical method comparisons. This has resulted in a set of standards detailed in the rules.