Annex - Determination of Residual Elements by Spectrographic Analysis

Good Delivery and Sponge Accreditation applicants and refiners undergoing Proactive Monitoring using spectrographic analysis for determining the assays of their material are responsible for identifying all residual elements present in their plates / ingots or sponge samples which will affect the assays determined.

The lists of “core” elements set out below are not intended to be prescriptive as far as refiners are concerned but merely to provide guidance as to the elements that LPPM Referees may typically look for.

For Sponge Accreditation ONLY, Oxygen shall be determined in addition to core impurities, using the GD refiners’ normal method (Gas analysis, Loss on Reduction); the maximum content permitted of oxygen shall be of 0.5 parts per thousand (but this value is not taken into consideration for the purity determination

Element Name Platinum Palladium Rhodium
Au Gold X X X
Ag Silver X X X
Pt Platinum X X
Pd Palladium X X
Ir Iridium X X X
Ru Ruthenium X X X
Rh Rhodium X X
Al Aluminium X X X
Sb Antimony X X X
As Arsenic X X
B Boron X X X
Bi Bismuth X X
Ca Calcium X X X
Cd Cadmium X X X
Co Cobalt X X X
Cr Chromium X X X
Cu Copper X X X
Fe Iron X X X
In Indium X X
Pb Lead X X X
Mg Magnesium X X X
Mn Manganese X X X
Mo Molybdenum X X X
Ni Nickel X X X
Os Osmium X X
Si Silicon X X X
Na Sodium X X X
Te Tellurium X X X
Tl Thallium X X
Sn Tin X X X
Ti Titanium X X X
W Tungsten X X
Zn Zinc X X X
Zr Zirconium X X X